Vegan travel guide | Corsica in one week

23 August 2019Anaïs
Vegan travel guide

Did you read my travel review for Corsica? It was a wonderful destination, many beautiful images of this trip are engraved in my mind! I loved walking through the streets lined with colorful houses, getting lost and discovering a beautiful lake overlooking the hills, walking along hot sandy beaches…

As for meals, it was the first time since I went vegan that I went on vacation with my family. I was a little apprehensive because HappyCow wasn’t showing many vegan addresses in the places we planned to go! Despite everything, I have always found vegan proposals!

I would like to share with you the places that marked me the most during my trip 😊 I hope that you’ll like this vegan travel guide!

Must-see places

The Corsican landscapes are incredible! You can go from a beautiful sandy beach overlooking the turquoise water to winding but vibrant streets, then to windy mountains, all just a few kilometers away! Most cities are steeped in history: stone houses next to each other, old buildings with a simple facade and a glossy interior, citadel overlooking a port overflowing with activity… And if you prefer to relax on the beach or in a park, you will also find your happiness!

These are the places not to be missed:

Palombaggia beach

What I did there: Enjoy the sea, relax on the beach before having a drink on the terrace of a café, enjoying the most beautiful landscape…
The little extra: The magnificent umbrella pines and red rocks, they are so unique

The archaeological site of Aléria

What I did there: Visit the Museum of Fort Matra, walk between lizards and butterflies, take a break in the shade of a gigantic tree to read…
The little extra: An incredible view no matter where you are

The Bavella Pass

What I did there: Shiver! Joking aside, the hike was cold but exhilarating. Up there, I actively fought my vertigo… The panorama was well worth it!

The little extra: Several circuits are available for walkers, cyclists or on foot, neophytes or experts.

My number 1


This city with its valiant houses hanging over a huge cliff fascinated me from the moment I laid my eyes on it! It is difficult for me to describe the grandiose nature of this incredible place. The narrow and colorful alleys of the upper town, the walks in the port under dozens of chatty seagulls, the smiling shopkeepers, the restaurant terraces overlooking the sea as far as the eye can see…

I loved it all!

Vegan travel

What I did there: Strolling through the streets full of life, meditating in front of the turquoise sea, climbing the steps of the King of Aragon’s staircase while failing to faint 3 times… Prey to vertigo refrains from doing so! The little extra: Exploring sea caves by boat – I highly recommend adding a ship expedition to your trip, it was a fantastic experience ⭐

Vegan travel | Restaurants & cafés

Corsican cities are not overflowing with vegan addresses, far from it, but most restaurateurs will really go to great lengths to prepare a vegan dish, appetizing and that changes from the usual “salad without sauce” or “water-cooked pasta”! A pleasurable effort, especially when you are usually confronted with guests who are at best lazy or at worst downright unpleasant.

VG, 9 rue Luce de Casabianca, Bastia (vegetarian restaurant)

What I ate there: Vegan brunch (25€) with fresh juice, homemade crackers with a delicious dip, a cherry tomato tatin tartlet, a beautiful salad, vegetables, a quinoa timbale with chickpeas and finally a fruit salad
The little extra: The pretty grocery corner, so practical for tourists who have just arrived!

Chez Anna, 16 rue Dr. Camille de Rocca Serra, Porto-Vecchio (omnivore restaurant)

What I ate there: Vesuvio pasta without cheese (20€) a dish of penne with homemade tomato sauce, aubergines and basil
The little extra: The room is nicely decorated and spacious enough to chat in peace.

U Monte Padru, 680 Avenue du 9 Septembre, Ghisonaccia (omnivore restaurant)

What I ate there: Rice pasta with grilled vegetables (10€)
The little extra: The waitress, who was also really adorable and creative!

My number 1

L’Oasis, 10 Route de la Mer, Ghisonaccia (omnivore restaurant)

One word: pizzas in a wood-fired oven. What do you mean, that’s five words?! I loved the vegan pizza I was able to enjoy there. Crispy dough, tasty tomato sauce, fresh and well chosen toppings.
In addition to the delicious taste of their dishes, the Oasis had a strong argument for me to place it as a favourite: its staff. I’ve rarely seen such adorable and attentive restaurateurs! In 5 minutes, we felt at home in this restaurant. We couldn’t resist this place and went back just before flying to Alsace.

Vegan travel

As we were leaving, the owner of the place came to wish us a good trip and hugged us.
This restaurant is a little gold nugget, a familiar and warm cocoon where wonderful dishes are served, so as not to spoil anything!
What I ate there: Calzone pizza with mushrooms (9€), fried vegetables and homemade fries (12€)
The little something extra: At the risk of repeating myself, the hosts are pearls! The boss put a big smile on our faces in just a few seconds!

That’s it, you have all my essential addresses to spend an unforgettable vegan travel in the east of Corsica 😊 Have you ever been to Corsica? If so, share your favorite places in commentary, I look forward to discovering them 😊

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Vegan travel guide

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