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16 August 2019Anaïs
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One week in Corsica | Happy destination

What, a vegan wants to travel to Corsica, aka the land of deli meats?! Indeed, I went there with my family for my father’s birthday. I must admit that before the departure, I was a little worried about the variety of my meals during the stay, I already pictured myself on a dry diet. Fortunately, once we arrived in Bastia, my anxiety quickly disappeared. But let’s get right to the point! Namely:

Is Corsica a happy destination?

Let’s check the awesome-o-meter, if you don’t mind! Just move your mouse over each category to see the score I gave it 😊

Climate | 4/5

We traveled to Corsica in April, so the sea remained pretty cool, but the weather was beautiful! The sun was present every day and the temperatures were very pleasant.

Gastronomy | 4/5

Where to start? I ate so well on this beautiful island! Perfectly baked and well-filled pizzas, ultra-tasty vegetable stir-fries and even a delicious fully plant-based brunch! If you are vegan, don’t worry about the lack of vegan addresses because most restaurateurs are adorable and work hard to offer a plant-based meal that is tasty. I had no difficulty eating vegan during the whole stay and enjoyed every dish 😊

You can find my favorite corsican restaurants in the travel guide!

Safety | 5/5

I don’t have much to say, the cities of Corsica are 100% secure, we all felt perfectly safe there.

Budget | 1/5

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford visiting the island of beauty. Even if you’re reasonable, even if you don’t have dessert – and you know how much I love desserts! In one week, we didn’t find any free activity, not even the simple climb of a small staircase to have a nice view of Porto-Vecchio, charged 5€ per person ☹️ It can surprise travellers used to finding good deals, here it’s a little more complicated!

Activities | 4/5

We really enjoyed the museums and parks. Special mention for the archaeological site of Aléria, which is gorgeous and houses an interesting museum! For those who prefer water sports, it is better to wait until June, in April the sea was way too cold to swim!

Landscapes | 5/5

If you like varied landscapes, you will love Corsica! Beautiful beaches lined with gigantic umbrella pines, vertiginous mountains, adorable little picturesque villages, all within a few kilometres of each other. We had some memorable walks, including the one at the Bavella Pass, which offers a breathtaking view!

Hospitality | 5/5

The hosts we stayed with, the neighbours, the restaurant staff, the cashier employees… We got along with everyone we met. Smiles and kindness everywhere 😊

So here’s my opinion on this beautiful region, I hope you liked this travel review!

It’s your turn: Have you ever visited Corsica? If not, do you want to? Feel free to share your feelings in comments, I would be curious to know if you also like this region! And if you know someone who is hesitant to visit Corsica, send them this article 😉

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