Travel review | New Year’s Eve in Austria

15 November 2019Anaïs

New Year's Eve in Austria

Last year, I realized one of my dreams and spent New Year’s Eve in Austria! ⭐ It was something I had wanted to do for a long time, even if in my case it meant that I wouldn’t party with friends as I always did. When I started planning this trip, my excitement doubled: I discovered that we could admire the fireworks from the famous Vienna Ferris wheel! I felt like I was going to love this romantic and snowy getaway!

But as a result, did I really enjoy it? I can now answer this great question:

Is Austria a happy destination?

Let’s check the awesome-o-meter, if you don’t mind! Just move your mouse over each category to see the score I gave it 😊

Climate | 2/5

Skittish people, refrain! When you’re not used to shoveling 50 centimeters of snow every morning, Austrian winters can seem a little harsh! It’s cold, really cold, and so wet! Of course, I didn’t expect to walk around in a tank top or to lounge in the sun. But despite my training in the Alsatian winters, which were very cold when I was a child, I still suffered a little from the Austrian climate. The weather oscillated between snowstorms or rain and we hardly saw the sun for one week. Coupled with the cold, the absence of sunlight can quickly become demoralizing. Fortunately, the snow sprinkles its magic everywhere!!

Gastronomy | 3/5

Eating vegan is absolutely not complicated in the big cities we visited! There are many vegan restaurants and even in the rest of the establishments, nice alternatives are offered. Austrian cuisine is known to be very rich, hefty and above all very meaty… Indeed, many Austrian specialties contain meat, but it is very easy to turn them vegan. Seitan cutlets, meatless knödel, potato soup, plant-based pie… There’s plenty of solutions!

If you want to know more about the restaurants and cafés I enjoyed, the vegan guide for Austria will be published next Friday 😊

I must say, however, that my New Year’s meal in Austria was very disappointing, but this is not due to a lack of vegan addresses. I explain everything to you in the next point!

New Year's Eve in Austria

Safety | 3/5

Generally, this is the point where I have the least to say and I quickly go over it to come back to more interesting things than “we felt safe, period.” And for once, I have something to share, yay 🙌

As the obsessive meticulous organizer that I am, I had booked a table for the New Year’s meal weeks before D-Day, just to make sure to eat well to end the year perfectly. But I didn’t do my math right!

The capital city of a European country + holiday + increased terrorism vigilance = No traffic possible in the city!

Did you see this one coming? Well, I didn’t! Really, I hadn’t thought that on December 31st, all the streets of Vienna (like really all of them) would be closed by police roadblocks inviting us to go another way. But where? We went around in circles for almost an hour to finally find a place to park, unfortunately, it was already 10 p.m. and the restaurant where I had booked a table for 9 p.m. was closing. On foot, it was impossible to reach. So we celebrated New Year’s Eve in Austria by eating… Sandwich bread! All this to say that on the evening of December 31, we felt a little fragile, a little in danger. The police presence can be a little worrisome. Well, nothing happened to us (except that I was hungry 😅) Overall we came back well and nothing was stolen from us, but I felt a little less “safe” than in other countries I visited.

Budget | 4/5

I was really very surprised by the prices of our Airbnb accommodations! I expected that housing prices would be the abyss of our New Year’s trip to Austria… But no, far from it! The rooms were always affordable and very cute.
Restaurants and cafés are also quite cheap, we can easily eat for less than 10€!
Anyone can spend a holiday in Austria without cracking their bank account!

Activities | 3/5

I don’t think it’s possible to get bored in Austria! There is always something to do, a marvel of architecture to discover, a small café with a new cake to taste, a lovely city to explore… Art has an important place in this culture, whether it is music, painting or dance. Austrians also enjoy sports, with incredible ski slopes and beautiful hiking and cycling trails.
Nightlife seems to be quite developed, but I have to say that it’s not the kind of thing I like so I can’t say much more.

Landscapes | 5/5

Austria under the snow is simply magical, you can’t imagine a better place to spend a winter holiday! Besides, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much snow in my life! It was incredible, everything was permanently covered with a thick white and shiny coat. Under this icy veil, the forests become magical, the mountains look even more impressive, the villages look adorable… I have no words to describe the beauty of the landscapes I had the chance to admire! Even the pictures don’t do them justice!

Hospitality | 4/5

The hosts we met were all very welcoming and warm, both in the accommodation we had booked and in the restaurants where we ate.
We had a slightly less friendly meeting with a bakery saleswoman, she was about as pleasant as a prison door. But since it was January the first, relatively early, and she had to work while a drunk man was hanging at her counter, I don’t think we can really hold it against her! Austrians are generally very smiling and pleasant people 😊

So much for my opinion on my New Year’s Eve in Austria, I hope you liked this article!

It’s your turn: Have you ever visited Austria? If not, do you want to? Feel free to share your feelings in comments, I would be curious to know what this country inspires you! If you know someone who is wondering if celebrating New Year’s Eve in Austria is a good idea, send them this article 😉

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  • Francesca

    15 November 2019 at 8 h 13 min

    Well that was a pretty unique new year’s eve soirée/meal you had there… but it makes for a fun story to tell at least 🙂 I’m anxiously waiting for your vegan guide of Austria. I’ve only visited Vienna many years ago but I know that the landscapes are stunning, and your photos prove it ♥

    1. Anaïs

      15 November 2019 at 15 h 11 min

      Yeah, right? 😁 It was intense !
      I can’t wait to post it 😊 Awww thanks a lot dear 😊

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