Spend an ideal Sunday | 5 cocooning ideas

27 September 2019Anaïs

Wait, isn’t every Sunday an ideal Sunday? Well, veryone will agree, Sundays (when you’re not working) are great! But sometimes there is a certain dissatisfaction emerging from this day offered for relaxation.
Maybe you know that feeling? It’s 9:30 pm, you’re lying on the couch in sweatpants with a stockpile of overly sweet snacks, you start to think that you may have wasted these few hours of freedom. And then, it’s already too late to turn back…
On the other hand, it is possible to avoid the same scenario the following week!

Here are 5 ways to make the most out of your weekend and spend an ideal sunday!


1 | Take a “spa” shower as soon as you wake up

Leave your boiling pajamas and immerse yourself under refreshing water. Some music, a moment just for you, the perfect temperature, and your bathroom turns into an ephemeral thalasso center. You’ll feel ready to have a great day!

Spend an ideal sunday spa shower

2 | Eat delicious food

It’s time to cook, solo or with your relatives. Or have it delivered. The most important thing is to enjoy each meal. If you’re like me, it means a huge brunch around 10:00 a. m. and lasting until 1:00 p. m. and then an indecently rich and comforting dinner. I’m incorrigible, but there’s only one Sunday per week! And if you have more will than me, you can opt for healthy and quick recipes.

Spend an ideal sunday brunch

3 | Don’t forget the little chores

No, I don’t advise you to spend the day playing the house fairy, don’t take out the forks and torches! However, I realized that by doing at least one of the tasks I had planned for the week, I felt productive and proud of myself. If you have a mountain of dirty dishes, you will feel more relaxed after washing at least some of them.

Spend an ideal sunday chores wash

4 | Go out, move, meet people… Enjoy!

I can’t count how many times did my weeks end with hours of being a couch potato! Every time it happened, I finally came out dissatisfied and not much more relaxed. I realized that a good way to avoid letting yourself go while having a nice day is just to see people! Invite your family for lunch, go out for a walk and discover another side of your city, plan an afternoon of board games… Anything, as long as it sounds like an ideal sunday to you 😊

Spend an ideal sunday friendship socialize enjoy

5 | Go to bed early

Of course, everything depends on your own definition of a normal bedtime 😉 for my part, I noticed that I “took advantage” a little too often of Sunday to go to bed around midnight… And if I don’t get to bed even later, it’s because I know that live hot-water bottles are waiting for me there (I admit that the alarm clock set at 6 o’clock also helps!). This year I decided to go to sleep at 10 p.m at the latest even on Sundays, wish me good luck 😉

Spend an ideal sunday sleep go to bed early

This weekend I want to film the fall meal prep video 😋 I will attend to a flea market and would also like to meet with my girl friends! What about you, what’s on your own (ideal) sunday ‘s agenda? 😊

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