Vegan travel guide | Austria in one week

22 November 2019Anaïs
Austrian vegan guide
Austrian vegan guide

Hello 😊 As you could see in the latest post, I already had the chance to spend New Year’s Eve in Austria! On occasion, we rented a car to make as many cities as possible in the short time we had before us. I must admit that I had planned a little too many stops, and finally I thought that we could have enjoyed some cities longer while others didn’t really talk to us.

To avoid the same mini disappointment (don’t worry, I still spent a week of madness!) I would like to share with you the places that marked me the most during my trip 😊

Places to see absolutely

If you love nature, Austria will blow your mind! The mountains are immense and magnificent, the lakes seem infinite, there are beautiful forests absolutely everywhere… Icing on the cake, we had the chance to discover all these incredible landscapes under a thick layer of snow ❄️ I was really amazed by this winter magic that plunged me back into childhood, when I went for a walk with my sled and only came back when I no longer felt my fingers, numb by the cold. In general, my mother was waiting for me to enjoy a good hot chocolate ☕
You will have understood, nice memories came back during this trip!

These are the places not to be missed:


This city, capital of Tyrol, is surrounded by wonderful mountains. With this incredible landscape, impressive buildings and a magical atmosphere, it feels like a Disney. It’s a really magical place! We only stayed there one day, I wish it had lasted a lot longer 😊

What I did there: Strolling through the stalls of the nightly Christmas market, enjoying a good meal in a lively and warm restaurant, unravelling the mystery of an abandoned (and terrifying) orphanage, walking under the snow in the middle of the night… A very romantic moment 🥰
The little extra: The friendly atmosphere of the streets in the evening! You feel very comfortable in the alleys of Innsbruck, where smiling passers-by walk around at any time of the day.


As its name suggests (for German speakers at least 😊) the village of Weissensee is located on the shores of the eponymous lake! It is a huge basin bordered by mountains populated by huge fir trees, beautiful holiday cottages and hotels. In summer, the water seems to be perfect for swimming! At the end of December, everything was frozen, you can literally take a walk on the lake!

What I did there: Be thrilled by this huge frozen surface, the largest I have ever seen, go for a walk, have a delicious breakfast with a view of the lake…
The little extra: The hiking opportunities are just incredible! There are dozens of beautiful paths, all leading to breathtaking views.


This mountain village simply dazzled me! We arrived at night, while the Christmas lights brightened up the busy streets, it was an extraordinary part of our journey! Once we settled in our ultra cozy Airbnb, we were able to enjoy an incredible view of the snow-covered houses lit by hot sunlight and surrounded by mountains.

What I did there: Watch the falling snow, drive to Krimml Waterfall (really not next door but so beautiful!), shovel kilos of snow, read and take a snack on a soft sofa while listening to the blizzard rage outside!
The little extra: The immensity of the surrounding mountains, which seem impassable…. It is a very impressive and soothing place. For those who love it, there is a beautiful ski resort.

My number 1


Who would have thought, I still had a huge crush on a village perched in the mountains! (Cf. my first vegan guide, where I tell you about my love for Bonifacio)

After a while, people will no longer believe me when I tell them that I have already turned a blind eye when I was 50 cm off the ground 😅
And yet, I did fall in love with Hallstatt! That name may not ring a bell… But you see, this postcard presenting a magnificent hamlet between lake and mountain, with dozens of small, colourful chalets and a pretty church rising towards the bluest blue sky you have ever seen?

Well, this enchanting place is Hallstatt.
Whatever the time of year and the time of day, this small town is absolutely beautiful!

What I did there: Take a picture every fifteen seconds, go for a walk around the lake, dream of moving in there, laugh in front of the city’s coat of arms (which proudly displays a… snow shovel 🤣)
The little extra: The small streets full of life, always overlooking the immense lake, where it seems to be a very pleasant place to live 🥰

Austrian vegan guide | Restaurants & cafés

When I imagined our trip, I saw myself enjoying pastries and potato salad, enjoying delicious cakes… Well, I wasn’t mistaken 😊 It’s really very easy to eat vegan in Austria. A little like in Germany, everyone knows and accepts veganism, restaurants owners do everything to find a gourmet alternative – if there are not already some on the menu!

Olive, Leopoldstraße 36, Innsbruck, 6020

What I ate there: A nice plate of falafels (11€90)
The little extra: The menu in several languages and the kindness of the service staff

Anker Brot, Schwedenplatz 2, Vienna, 1010

What I ate there: A huge hazelnuts roll (1€99), an apple puff pastry (1€90), rolled poppy seed brioche to go (4€)
The little extra: The vegan proposals that are not limited to bread and a sad green salad! The pastries are delicious 🥰

Veggiezz, Am Salzgriess 9, Vienna, 1010

What I ate there: Gluten-free spaghetti with pesto sauce (9€90), a piece of Sacher Torte (5€)
The little extra: The choice is incredible and delicious! We go from nice pasta dishes to soups, not forgetting burgers and wraps, well-stocked bowls… There is something for everyone!

My number 1

Swing Kitchen, Josefstadterstrasse 73, Vienna, 1080

When I hear fast food, I visualize a chewy burger, topped with a dry steak dripping with ultra-sweet sauce… But this is a very nice restaurant with a cuisine that is certainly too fat, too sweet and too salty (but frankly, do the calories of the holidays count? 😁) but refined and very tasty! The textures are perfect, the tastes well balanced and the presentation neat. I’d be happy to go back!

What I ate there: A swiss wrap topped with green salad, tomatoes, red onions, cauliflower and hash browns (yes, really, all that!) (6€20) accompanied by sweet potato wafer chips (yes, clearly, the chips were too much 😅 but what do you want, I am weak!) (3€70)
The little extra: Light prices for these huge portions!

This is it, you have all my essential addresses to spend an unforgettable stay in Austria 😊 If you have already been there, share your favorite places in the comments section, I look forward to discovering them 😊

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