Morning routine “bad day” | 5 steps to cheer up

25 October 2019Anaïs

Who never got out of bed on the wrong side? Without knowing the reasons, we wake up already in a bad mood, ready to live a day full of trouble. If this is your case today, don’t panic: there are solutions to cheer up!

Cheer up

1 | Refocus

Take a few minutes, as soon as possible, to settle down and focus on these negative emotions. The sooner you find the cause of this discomfort, the sooner you can accept it (if it’s a new pimple on your nose, for example) or fight it (if it’s your neighbors who have still been partying until three in the morning – be careful I’m not talking about fighting in the literal sense ^^). Often, just putting your finger on what’s wrong helps to make you feel a little better. And if you’re under pressure, this little introspection can only do you good!

2 | Listen to music

It may seem insignificant, but a little sweetness for your ears can really change your mood. It’s a proven fact that music reduces stress. So even if you’re more used to silence, play one of your favorite songs, take those few minutes of pleasure to think of nothing. If you feel like it, take this opportunity to dance!

3 | Go for a walk

It may not be a habit to those who live in the city, but even if you don’t have a park nearby, try to get some fresh air! Seeing a small piece of sky, greenery, walking and breathing deeply will inevitably have a good effect. This time, no music in your ears, take the opportunity to listen to the ambient sounds. The song of the birds, the wind in the leaves, your steps, your breath…

4 | Meditate

Speaking of breathing, precisely… If you have already tried meditation, you know why I advise you to practice it when you feel in a bad mood. I don’t know much more effective than that to regain my calm and get back on track! Why not try a guided meditation?

5 | Grumble

You didn’t see this one coming, did you? However, if the first 4 points didn’t help you feel better, he should give the final blow to your bad mood. On my side, the more I talk about my problem around me, the less important it seems… By dint of discussing it, even if it means grumbling a little, I realize that it is not insurmountable.

Do you have your own tricks to survive one of these difficult days and cheer up? Feel free to share them in comments, I’m all ears! 😊

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