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30 August 2019Anaïs
Fall plan with me

I can’t believe August is already almost over! This means not only the start of the school year is fast approaching, but also that autumn is at our doorstep! Personally, I love this magical season where the temperatures become milder, where the leaves golden slowly and where pears and chestnuts are finally back 🌰 This is the period when many of my loved ones have their birthday, rhyming with warm reunions, sweetness and daily happiness… You will have understood it, I love autumn 🍁

It is with a certain excitement that I prepared this Fall plan with me post and this video! I share today the setup of my journal bullet for this fall, I hope you will like it! If you reproduce it or use it as inspiration for your own planner, don’t hesitate to tag me, I would love to see your creations 🖌️ #MHPplan 🖌️

As you can see, I have an infallible technique to save time and fill my pages easily! (And incidentally, without having to master a beautiful handwriting 😁)

– I start by printing my own templates (by the way, if you’d like to be able to download them, please let me know in the comment section ✋) for trackers, calendars and weeklies

– I’m looking for lovely fonts (for that there are Fontsquirrel, Dafont, 1001FreeFonts… there’s a lot of choice! if you use them, write a little note of thanks/encouragement to the author, it’s always nice!)

– I make a pencil draft before going back to it with a penc and possibly watercolor

– I’m ready for the whole season! 🍁 😊

It’s the easiest and most efficient way I’ve found to get a nice notebook without spending long hours on it! Now that I’m ready, let’s start this Fall plan with me!

Fall plan with me


This month’s content: Cover page, habit tracker, calendar, weeklies.

I still have a lot of trouble choosing my theme for September! Since I’m not going to school anymore for quite some time now (well, this makes me feel younger!) I avoid the “school supplies” patterns! For this year, I turned to leaves and mushrooms 🍁 🍄 solid values that match the colors I chose for this month: burgundy, brown and copper!

Besides, I take this opportunity to give you a little tip if you ever get stuck in the choice of your monthly theme: choose your colors first, the theme should be much easier to find then 😊

Fall plan with me
Fall plan with me


This month’s content: Cover page, calendar, habit tracker, weeklies.

In general, my October months take on the Halloween tones! Batty black and bloody red, pumpkin orange and witch-hat purple… This time, I really wanted to change and here I am with colors I’m really not used to: dark green, brown and very light grey!  I didn’t take them by chance, but to stay on a forest-y theme 🌲 with fir trees, a cabin in the woods and deer 🦌

Fall plan with me


This month’s content: Cover page, calendar, habit tracker, weeklies.

To be honest, I like my drawings for November much less than those for September and October! Well, it can happen, even if you make a draft! And it doesn’t matter 😌

In any case, these little lanterns should help me to enjoy the long nights of November 🕯️

And that’s it! These are the pages that will fill my planner this fall, I hope they can inspire you. And you, did you prepare the season in your bullet journal? What are the themes you have chosen? Share them in comments 😊

I wish you a nice day and I hope to see you soon around here!

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Fall plan with me

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