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13 September 2019Anaïs

Hello and welcome to this first guided meditation! To choose the theme of this introduction, I hesitated for a long time before deciding to share with you one of my most beautiful travel memories.

Guided meditation
Guided meditation | The cove

Before I begin, I would like to warn you against something that may arise during your early sessions: the quest for perfection. Meditation and relaxation have really become popular in the West and clichés can come to mind when you hear these terms, especially if you have never experienced any of these practices. You have probably already visualized a yogi sitting in lotus pose on a meditation cushion decorated with mandalas, hands in chin mudra, reaching full consciousness in a heartbeat and then remaining perfectly motionless for a good half an hour before drinking a ginger tea, perfectly relaxed for at least a month. If that’s how you see meditation, I have to break this stereotype.

First of all, not all people practicing yoga and meditation drink tea, here’s for that cliché!

Joking aside, it is important not to put pressure on yourself when it comes to meditation. The goal is to reach a state of relaxation, both physical and mental, self-flagellation at the slightest “deviation” is not recommended. There is no right way to meditate. Don’t force yourself to sit in lotus if this posture doesn’t suit you, don’t reprimand yourself if your breathing isn’t perfectly calm, don’t think it’s possible to fail or succeed a meditation. There is nothing to lose or win, it is not a competition. It is when you no longer pay attention to the instructions that you will be able to reach the desired state.

So much for this guided meditation ‘s introduction, I now invite you to settle in comfortably before you start! I will now guide you, simply listen to my voice or repeat after me mentally.

I slowly close my eyes to reconnect to my inner world. I find this soft space where I feel good, where I am perfectly safe. Here, my breath can settle down and deepen. I focus on breathing for a moment. I visualize the fresh, invigorating air coming through my nose, through my throat, my lungs, my belly, then coming out through my nose, warmer than before. The outgoing air carries all the tensions I have accumulated without even realizing it. With each exhalation, I let go of everything that is not beneficial to me, my body and mind can relax more deeply.

Now I will go on a little mental journey. With my eyes still closed, I visualize a paved path bordered by oleanders and hibiscus. The flowers diffuse a delicious scent, the sun is shining, there is not a single cloud in the sky of a soothing blue. The temperature is ideal, a light breeze caresses my skin and blows grains of sand on the pavement. The further I go, the more serene I feel. There is nothing to do, nothing to prepare, just to breathe this fresh and enveloping air, just to enjoy the view of this paradisiacal garden, just to be there. I feel perfectly fine. Little by little, the cobblestones give way to the beach. I decide to take my shoes off. The contact between my feet and the sand is incredibly warm, I feel like coming back to a familiar place. As I continue on my way, the panorama gradually changes, the oleanders and hibiscus get rarer, diffusing a sweet scent before giving way to shrubs with imposing trumpet-shaped flowers. There are all kinds of colors, each with an irresistible smell. I slow down to breathe them in. The yellows remind me of citrus, the whites have the scent of vanilla, the oranges smell like cedar, the roses remind me of mimosas… Each one is unique and wonderful in its own way. Enchanted by all these perfumes, I take the sandy road again and discover hills on either side of the trail. The white stone is porous and serrated but remains soft to the touch. Tufts of grass and moss are scattered all along the walls, vegetation is omnipresent. The smell of the air changes, enriched with marine and iodine notes. At the end of the path, I see a large gap in the rock. I cross a slight climb to reach the hole and finally see what is hidden behind the rocky relief. A cove with peaceful waters stretches before me. The descent to get there is gentle. Once down below, I contemplate this wonderful landscape, made of stone and sea. There is no one else but me, I am alone in the heart of this wild and magnificent nature. The water is calm, a blend of blue, green, turquoise and silver. The perfectly transparent expanse, the sun reflecting off its surface, the melody of distant waves, the sea breeze… Everything seems to call me. The place is still deserted and I know that I am in perfect safety, so I decide to answer this call. The first contact with water is exhilarating. It envelops me, slipping on my skin with incomparable delicacy and carrying with it all the tensions that may have bothered me. I relax deeply. From this welcoming pond, the colors are more vibrant, the air more pleasant, the sky bigger… I feel at home. My smile widens, my heart is even lighter. I stay in the water for a few moments, taking advantage of this plenitude to recharge my soul. I slowly get out of the water, enjoying the flow of drops on my skin. It’s like a caress. I will now leave, invigorated by this wonderful stroll. I turn around to admire one last time the cove that offered me hospitality during this soothing moment. I soak up this magnificent landscape and the deep calm it offered me before going back on the road in the opposite direction with an even lighter step than when I arrived.

Slowly, I get back in touch with my body by focusing on my breath. I inhale and exhale deeply. I start moving again in small slow gestures, I move my fingers, feet, turn my head to the right and then to the left, I stretch for a long time. When I feel ready, I turn to my side and sit up gently. With my hands on my knees or in prayer in front of my heart, I enjoy the sensations that pass through me before gently opening my eyes.

This meditation is already over! I hope you had a good time and were able to relax. I wish you a beautiful day or evening and I hope to see you soon for another guided meditation. Namaste.

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Guided meditation

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