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8 November 2019Anaïs

Hello and welcome to this fall guided meditation! 🙏
I hope you liked the first one? If you haven’t discovered it yet, I invite you listen to it here. Today’s session is designed to relax you, to make the stress you may be experiencing right now fade away.

Fall guided meditation

I now invite you to settle in comfortably before you start! I will now guide you, simply listen to my voice or repeat after me mentally.

I slowly close my eyes to reconnect to my inner world. I find this soft space where I feel good, where I am perfectly safe. Here, my breath can settle down and deepen. I focus on breathing for a moment. I visualize the fresh, invigorating air coming through my nose, through my throat, my lungs, my belly, then coming out through my nose, warmer than before. The outgoing air carries all the tensions I have accumulated without even realizing it. With each exhalation, I let go of everything that is not beneficial to me, my body and mind can relax more deeply.

Now I will go on a little mental journey. With my eyes still closed, I visualize a path at the edge of a magnificent forest. The sun plays between the leaves of the trees, a light breeze invites me to take this path. I start walking down this track, the ground is warm and soft under my feet. On either side of the passage, the trees seem to dance gently. A wonderful mix of colors offers itself to me. Glowing red and orange, taupe, saffron, deep blue, golden touches here and there… These bright tints, the melody of the wind, the rustling of the leaves relax me. I feel fine. A willow tree undulates in my direction, its long branches caress my arms. I continue to move forward on this very welcoming path. There is nothing to do, nothing to prepare, just to breathe this fresh and comforting air, just to appreciate the beauty of this wonderful forest, just to be here. As I stand amid in all these imposing and reassuring trees, in full consciousness and presence, the wind slowly disappears. As it fades, it envelops me in a warm and familiar fragrance.

I stop walking and see a beautiful doe a few meters away from me. She is accompanied by her fawn, which flickers on his thin legs, trying to get up. She helps him gently and the little one manages to take a few steps.  The mother lifts her big peaceful eyes towards me, I feel that she appreciates my presence in her beautiful forest. I stand still and just observe these beautiful creatures in silence. The doe slowly approaches me. She is now very close to me, I can feel her calm and fresh breath. I catch all the serenity I need from her eyes, I feel more and more peaceful. Everything is calm, I hear a gentle chorus rising from the forest. The murmur of the leaves, the blinks of the doe, the working wood and the heartbeats of the forest inhabitants compose a magical and comforting melody. I fill myself with all these sounds as the doe and I continue to observe each other for a few moments. She goes back to her little one and they leave on their way, I am still looking at them when they go deeper into the woods, their image gradually fading away. Our meeting offers me a deep sense of peace, I soak up it and let it grow. This harmony spreads in my mind, in my heart, in my whole body, and radiates through me like a soft and soothing glow.

I will now leave, filled with this beautiful light. The wonderful forest and all its inhabitants whisper to me that I can come back whenever I need to find inner peace. I thank them for this amazing gift and go back in the opposite direction with an even lighter step than when I arrived.

Slowly, I get back in touch with my body by focusing on my breath. I inhale and exhale deeply. I start moving again in small slow gestures, I move my fingers, feet, turn my head to the right and then to the left, I stretch for a long time. When I feel ready, I turn to my side and sit up gently. With my hands on my knees or in prayer in front of my heart, I enjoy the sensations that pass through me before gently opening my eyes.

This fall guided meditation is already over! I hope you had a good time and were able to relax. I wish you a beautiful day or evening and I hope to see you soon for another guided meditation. Namaste.

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Fall guided meditation

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