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2 August 2019Anaïs

Hello 😊 Today I want to share with you something that really means a lot to me: my pretty things of summer. When I put it that way, it may sound a little unclear, let me explain!

The idea for the “pretty things” videos came to me during a very bad day. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know why I felt so bad anymore. On the other hand, what I would always remember is the moment when my gaze changed. I had been bathed in a kind of depression for a few months, oscillating between deep sadness, unreasonable fears and total disinterest in everyday life. It was one of those hard mornings where I didn’t want anything. I had work to do, but something pushed me out for a walk. I walked to the park on autopilot, I didn’t even notice how bright the sun was. Then I looked up, and in an instant, everything changed.

I didn’t see the sun, but hundreds of fragments of it. The trees were beautiful, the fresh air smelled like dew, the wind was caressing my skin… The world was beautiful. I was upset: how could I have missed all this for weeks? How could I have been so blinded that I no longer noticed the beauty, the sweetness, the little pleasures of life? Since that decisive moment, I have been dedicated to seeing and capturing the magic of the world.

Pretty thinds of summer

This is what I want to share with you today, and in the videos that will enrich the category get inspired.

I hope you will like it, in the meantime I leave you with a message that I hope will touch you as much as I do.

Life can be beautiful. This world is full of wonders, magical moments, amazing people, incredible places… I want you to know that you have a right to all this. Whatever your situation, your past actions, the darkness in which you may find yourself at this moment, you deserve to know and appreciate all the light in the world. I can only invite you to discover and cherish it. Surround yourself with caring people. Take time for yourself. Discover the moments that make your heart beat.

I leave you with the video and wish you a wonderful week full of little joys! 😊

Did you like that video? Do you love the same pretty things of summer as me? If so, why not pin them? 😊

Pretty thinds of summer Pinterest

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