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11 October 2019Anaïs

Hello 😊 I hope you are doing well and have been able to experiment some pretty things of fall 🍁 I wish you to feast on warm apple pies, watch the trees change colors as if they were magical, meet a few squirrels and robins, take beautiful walks, enjoy good times with friends and family, dance in the fallen leaves, listen to the singing of the owls as the night falls…. Simply put, to take care of you 😊

On my side, I’m taking full advantage of what this lovely season has to offer, and I want to share all these positive vibes with you 😊

My apartment has switched to cozy mode, I walked through the forest enjoying the squealing leaves under my feet, my plaid warmed me up for dozens of reading sessions, I enjoyed a billion spicy hot chocolates, had fun in the kitchen….

Pretty things of fall

You will have understood, for me, autumn really rhymes with cocooning! I love this season when the time seems to be slowing down from the frantic pace of summer. We take more time for ourselves, to recharge our batteries before the cold and dark of winter, but also to prepare for the fizziness of the upcoming holidays!

Temperatures are gradually dropping, so it’s the perfect time to stay at home and gather with your loved ones around a good meal or a heart-warming movie.

And you, what are your own pretty things of fall? Make your list and tell me all about it in the comment section 🥰

I leave you with the video and wish you a wonderful weekend full of little joys! Have a good viewing 😊

Did you like that video? Have you found your own pretty things of fall here? If so, don’t hesitate to share them on Pinterest 😊

Pretty things of fall Pinterest

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