Biscoff lava cupcakes | Fall tea time

1 November 2019Anaïs

Hello you 😊 If you’ve seen all my articles about autumn like my Plan with me, my last meal prep or my video of the pretty things of autumn, you already know how much I love this season 🍂 I’m striking again with these biscoff lava cupcakes that leave no one indifferent !

Soft and surprising thanks to an ultra-creamy center, with a touch of spices perfect for the season, it is my favorite delicacy of the moment! So, do you want a nice, comforting snack? 🥰 It’s over here ⬇️

Biscoff lava cupcakes

These Biscoff cupcakes are:
– 100% vegan
– Impossible to fail – scout pastry chef promise 👩‍🍳
– Delicately spiced
– Ultra soft
– Appreciated by both children and adults
– Easy and quick to prepare

Who wants one of those Biscoff cupcakes? 😋

The ingredients, for about 20 Biscoff cupcakes:
100 grams of soy yogurt
265 grams of flour
6 grams of baking powder
175 grams of soy milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 teaspoons of gingerbread spices
40 grams of crushed Biscoff
4 tablespoons of Biscoff spread (if you are very motivated, you can even do it yourself!)
200 grams of vegan whipped cream

The process:
Preheat the oven to 180°C or 375°F. Mix the sugar with the oil. Add the yoghurt. In another bowl, combine the flour, vanilla, baking powder and a pinch of salt. Gradually add to the sugar-oil mixture. When the mixture is homogeneous, gradually add the milk. Finish by incorporating the gingerbread spices and crushed Biscoff. Pour the dough into cupcake liners, filling them by two thirds. Bake for about 20 minutes at 180°C or 375°F.

Let cool well before making a small hole in each cupcake. Heat the Biscoff spread very lightly, it should just be flowing. Stuff the cupcakes with it and decorate with whipped cream. Eat before someone else comes and claim one of these delicious Biscoff lava cupcakes! 🤭

Biscoff lava cupcakes recipe

Bon appétit ! 😊

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Biscoff lava cupcakes Pinterest
Biscoff lava cupcakes Pinterest

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