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13 September 2019Anaïs

The lovely Francesca from Seven Roses nominated me for an Early Autumn tag. I have answered the questions and then invited some fellow bloggers to join in and answer the same questions on their blog!
If you also want to participate, feel free to do it in the comment section!

I can’t wait to see your answers 🍁

Early autumn tag

These are the early autumn tag questions:

Favorite thing about Autumn? Well, that’s a rough start! It’s so hard to tell, because to me, fall is a state of mind. An atmosphere. In this season, I feel like everything is softer, quieter. The trees are getting so beautiful, the couch seems more appealing, the hikes become fascinating, my cats are asking for more cuddling, the food gets comforting… Well, you understood it: I love everything about autumn!

Spooky Autumn or cozy Autumn? I’m such a coward, and I absolutely love to snuggle!
Clearly, I’m choosing cozy Autumn!

Haunted house or Halloween party? Definitely Halloween party! I love to dress up, meet friends, and above all: cook Halloween-themed food!

Carve pumpkins or paint pumpkins? Carved pumpkins are amazing, I love it! But given my incredible talent for hurting myself, I prefer to limit myself to painting!

Go apple picking or go on a hay ride? I think hay rides aren’t really a thing in my region, and I love apples, so… Apple picking, here I come!

Pumpkin spice lattes or mulled apple cider? Hot apple juice 🍎
Yes, I just cheated! But it’s almost like cider.. right?

What did you dress up for Halloween last year? Sadly I didn’t dress up last Halloween 😢 I should have but the plans changed at the last minute.

Falling rain or a crackling fireplace? Well I love both but don’t own a fireplace at home, then I’ll say falling rain! Plus it’s a good excuse to take a hot shower and curl up in a huge blanket with a cup of tea!

Have you purchased any fall decor yet? Yes I have! My relatives gave me many decorative items as gifts, such as cute little foxes and pumpkins… I also harvested some pinecones, chestnuts and acorns. I think I will show you my seasonnal decoration in my next “get inspired” video! If you’d like to see it, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment section 😊

Favorite photo that you took last fall?
This is a hard one! I guess it’s this picture:

Early autumn tag bird

Favorite Autumn-themed movie? I had to think a lot to find the answer to that question! After a long period of reflection, The help came to my mind. I loved the soothing feeling that this film gave me.

Favorite color to wear in Autumn?
I really love burgundy and mustard yellow!

Favorite Autumn-themed book? The Pillars of the Earth! I don’t know if the fit as “autumn-themed” but I loved to read them in this season! These books are rather huge, yet I finished them very quickly, I couldn’t let them go!

Best way to spend a rainy day? Stay at home to cuddle in front of a nice movie, bake some cinnamon rolls, read a new book with a cat on my lap, or binge-watch Gilmore Girls – one more time. Or all of the above 🥰

Favorite Autumn food? Wow, another very hard question for me! I love everything seasonal: pumpkins, mushrooms, chestnuts, sweet potatoes… But in autumn, I get obsessed by apples! So I will go for apple pie with a ton of cinnamon!

Favorite Autumn quote? “October is crisp days and cool nights, a time to curl up around the dancing flames and sink into a good book” John Sinor
You can see part of it in my fall plan with me! 🍁

Favorite Autumn leaf?
I think that I love all the leaves, each one is beautiful. But if I have to choose, I particularly love maple trees! All those amazing colors…

Favorite Autumn activity?
Definitely hosting a Friendsgiving party! Not only because we eat so well for this celebration, but especially for the moment when we share our gratitudes. It’s always so moving! Sadly it’s not (yet) a tradition in France!

Favorite Autumn scent?
The particular smell of rain in the forest. This scent is so subtle, discreet…

Is your birthday in Autumn?
No, I was born in March!

Well, that was it ! I absolutely loved answering to this early autumn tag! It put me in a cozy mood 🥰 I thank Francesca for this nice tag! Don’t forget to go check her own answers on her blog post 😊
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  • francesca

    13 September 2019 at 12 h 33 min

    Oh my gosh, Anaïs, I loved to read this! I’m so glad 1) to have discovered you and your universe/blog/channel/IG and 2) that you participated in this tag. Yay for more Autumn lovers around the world! ♥

    1. Anaïs

      13 September 2019 at 12 h 52 min

      Awww thank you so much Francesca 🥰 Same for me, I’m really grateful for this wonderful encounter and love all your creations!

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