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Why I created 'My Happiness Passport '

Hello and welcome if it’s your first time here!

I hope you will find your happiness on this blog, because that is precisely its purpose.

It may seem paradoxical, but, the idea of creating My happiness passport came to me while I was going through a rough period.

Some mornings, I couldn’t bring myself to leave my bed… I never wanted to feel this way ever again!

To that end, I changed a lot of things in my daily life and slowly started to regain the joy of living. Among the many habits that I added to my routine, some of them proved to be truly transformative.

Yoga, meditation, homemade healthy food, travel, journaling… I want to share all the things that contribute to my happiness with you in this exchange space!

My intention here is to help you create your best life, are you ready for this journey ?
Grab your passport and let’s go !

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A few things about me :

I’m 27 years old and I can’t wait to get to 30! (Maybe it’s because a trip is planned for the occasion? 😊)

I live in a small Alsatian town, with a wonderful human and two crazy cats.

I love life and its surprises, my bucket list seems endless! But here’s a main step done! :

Create a blog !