5 ways to stop binge-eating

20 September 2019Anaïs

I wanted to make a little disclaimer before this article. When I talk about how to stop binge-eating, I don’t think of eating disorders, if you think you suffer from one of them, I can only recommend you to seek the help of doctors, and give you my moral support. Ask for professional help, get support, surround yourself with positive people and take time for yourself 💕
I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist, I simply share my little tips for a conscious and balanced diet.

Now that this is said, I get to the heart of the subject with a little simulation… Did you ever spend a whole Sunday afternoon hanging out on the couch, chewing your third slice of bread, generously filled with homemade chocolate spread (this recipe is heaven!), literally caught with your hand in the jar? 🥄🍫

And after this intense snacking session, you feel heavy, smeared…

If this happens regularly and you want to stop binge-eating, the 5 advices that come along are for you!


1 | Eat enough to satisfy your hunger

What, we’re not gonna talk about a food restriction? The title of the article would have lied?! No, I’m going to share my tips for eradicating snacking. However, it is not a question of getting frustrated, eating only steamed potatoes or adopting the miracle method of some pseudo nutritionist preaching « 1000 calories a day » diet! Here, I’m talking about unwanted snacking, the kind that leaves you with a bitter taste. To avoid it, the basics are to provide your body with everything it needs. If the plate you composed for your lunch is not enough, have a second helping or enjoy a dessert! It would be useless to restrict yourself to a few bites of salad and then go nuts on something that will be swallowed in a hurry and will not really please you.

2 | Drink a lot

Everyone knows the advice to drink 1.5 liters of water a day. However, it took me years to get used to this amount. Before buying a stainless-steel bottle, it was an impossible mission for me! Mine (link?) can contain 75 cl, so I just have to empty it twice a day. I love this habit which allows me to know the quantity drunk. (And it’s eco-friendly!) At first, I had to force myself a little, but then it quickly became a real need. When I drink enough during the day, I feel much better, more energized! Moreover, the symptoms of dehydration are very similar to those of hunger: dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, lack of energy…

Ask yourself: am I hungry, or is it dehydration? Anyway, drinking more water can only be a good idea!

3 | Do not buy ready-made snacks

I have often noticed that if I remove the object of desire (rest assured, we’re still talking about food), the desire is less frequent. When I go back to my parents’ house, which seems to be stuffed with food, I feel much more like eating out… It’s really strange because, at home, I can easily stop binge-eating. I am convinced that knowing that cookies are waiting for me in the candy cabinet (authentic, this cabinet does exist in my parent’s house!) creates a desire. I don’t have many sweets at home: if I want some cookies, I have to work hands-on, and that too can calm my appetite 😀 Not to mention that homemade snacks generally contain less sugar and are more satisfying, not calling for a second serving!

4 | Eat slowly, in mindfulness

It’s strange that we have so much trouble eating properly when it’s something we’ve always done… Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn to eat in the best way possible. Take time to sit at the table and eat quietly, without doing anything else. When you start, chew quietly, make the most of it. The best way is to put your fork down between each bite to make sure you don’t go too fast. By properly realizing the number of bites ingested during the meal, you can achieve satiety more quickly and avoid bloating.

5 | If it is late, go to bed

This advice may seem inane, but I realize that most of the time my junk food cravings occur in the evening or at night and that it’s not hunger at all. It can be boredom, greed or the result of an insane use of Pinterest… If doing something nice is not enough to calm the urge to snack, I go to bed and it passes quickly. In the morning, I wake up ready for a hearty breakfast!

And you, are you subject to unreasonable cravings? If so, do you succumb to temptation or do you manage to resist and stop binge-eating? Feel free to share your own experience in the comments 😊

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